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Anti-abrasion Boxing Reaction Ball

Our anti-abrasion boxing reaction ball can handle your most rigorous workouts, designed to withstand the toughest punches and provide a long-lasting training companion.

Compact Portable Boxing Reaction Ball

Our compact and portable boxing reaction ball is the perfect training companion that can easily accompany you and stay active and sharpen your reflexes wherever you go.

Flexible Swing Boxing Reaction Ball

Our flexible swing boxing reaction ball mimics the unpredictability of real opponents, helping you sharpen your reflexes and agility with every swing.

Height Adjustable Boxing Reaction Ball

This height adjustable boxing reaction ball is a multifunctional boxing training tool that can effectively improve boxers' reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, sense of rhythm and body coordination.

Microfiber PU Leather Boxing Reaction Ball

Our microfiber PU leather boxing reaction ball combines the durability of high-quality materials with a smooth and tactile surface, ensures a satisfying hitting experience, allowing you to train comfortably and confidently.

Multi-layer Cushioning Boxing Reaction Ball

Our multi-layer cushioning boxing reaction ball offers a unique combination of comfort and durability. Its multi-layer thickened PU fabric ensures smooth and quiet hits, making it an ideal choice for those who value a satisfying and enduring training partner.

Noise Reduction Material Boxing Reaction Ball

Crafted with high quality noise reduction materials, this boxing reaction ball allows you to train without disruptions, making it perfect for home and gym use.

Quick Rebound Boxing Reaction Ball

Our quick rebound boxing reaction ball designed for avid boxers, it provides a rapid and dynamic response, helping you sharpen your reflexes and agility in no time.

Shockproof Function Boxing Reaction Ball

Unleash your energy with our Shockproof Function Boxing Reaction Ball. Its built-in shockproof feature ensures that your every punch and strike is not only effective but also safe, providing you with the ultimate training experience.

Soft Skin Design Boxing Reaction Ball

Our soft skin design boxing reaction ball provides a soft and safe surface for hitting, delivering a comfortable and pain-free training experience. Its skin-friendly design enhances your boxing sessions, whether you're wearing gloves or prefer bare-handed workouts.

Strong Adsorption Boxing Reaction Ball

Engineered for relentless training, the strong adsorption boxing reaction ball boasts superior grip, preventing any unwanted movements during your intense workouts.

Strong Hold Boxing Reaction Ball

Engineered for performance, our strong hold boxing reaction ball guarantees exceptional grip and steadfast stability, allowing you to train with absolute confidence.